Kent Segway Rally Experience - For Two

  • Kent Segway Rally Experience - For Two
    Kent Segway Rally Experience - For Two
    Head to the beautiful Mote Park in Kent for this 60 minute Segway experience, and find out just how special these futuristic Personal Transporters are. Take a lucky companion along with you to enjoy this wonderful experience together!Mote Park is a fantastic location to try out the incredible Segway. Steeped in history, the park boasts 180 hectares of wide open spaces, beautiful landscaped wildlife, and even a picturesque boating lake. There are plenty of idyllic trails for you to explore and the Segway course has some great, gentle obstacles for you to test the Segway on!Your experience will begin with a full safety briefing and an introduction to the Segway. You'll be kitted out with you helmet and other protective gear, before playing a few Segway games, to get you feeling comfortable and confident riding the Segway. Once the group has got to grips with stepping on and off the Segway, making it move, and making it stop, you'll head off out onto the Segway track to really hone your skills and find out just what these fantastic little machines are capable of! By the end of your 60 minute Segway session, you'll be whizing around the park like a pro, and there's a pretty good chance you'll be thinking the same thing as most other brand new Segwayers... I want one!There is plenty to see and do at Mote Park in Kent, so once your Segway experience for two is finished, you can stick around and explore the area, play some Pitch and Putt, or maybe even make a weekend of it!
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