Kawasaki Off Road Enduro Experience Wales

  • Kawasaki Off Road Enduro Experience Wales
    Kawasaki Off Road Enduro Experience Wales
    Get out onto the off road and get a little crazy on a Kawasaki, with this full day off road track day in Wales. Ride around the gorgeous Welsh countryside, with the Berwyn Mountains acting as a beautiful backdrop, on a fantastic Kawasaki off road bike chosen to suit your experience, size and ability.During this fantastic, action packed full day of off roading, you'll be learning from a father and son team who have been coaching for years, and have no problem teaching anyone from the most nervous of beginners through to easy riders. You will have your bike to yourself for the full day; these guys don't believe in sharing a bike or standing around! You'll start the day with a full safety briefing, and you'll get fully kitted out in proper protective gear, before starting to get to grips with some bike control. Your instructors will keep a close eye on you, making sure you are progressing nicely and feeling comfortable on the bike - and when you're in control and confident, you'll head of out onto the track to let loose and see what the bikes are really made of. As you make your way around the track, you'll get a real feel for these awesome bikes, and your instructors will keep an eye on you to help you hone your technique and become a better rider! Of course, all this riding is sure to build up an appetite, but lunch and refreshments are included during the day.If you know someone who loves bikes and isn't afraid of a little bit of mud, why not give them the chance to get off road and try something totally different, with a full day off road Kawasaki riding experience?!
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