2 Hour Quad Biking Trek North Yorkshire

  • 2 Hour Quad Biking Trek North Yorkshire
    2 Hour Quad Biking Trek North Yorkshire
    For extreme sports fans who have a little bit of quad biking experience and want to take on a real challenge, the 2 hour quad trek in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, is the perfect off road experience! This is a one-on-one quad session for people who are ready to take it up a notch with their quad riding; learn even more skills and master a few tricky moves and manoeuvres. Your quad biking experience kicks off with a full safety briefing and a discussion about what to expect from the next couple of hours. Once youre ready to go, you and your instructor will head for the powerful ATVs to start riding! You wont need to relearn the very basics, so you can move straight onto practicing more intermediate quad skills. The purpose-built quad track is the perfect place to get to grips with your improving riding skills theres plenty of mud, hills, ditches, tight turns and fast straights for you to really find out what youre made of. Youll spend the remainder of the two hour quad biking experience out on the off road track, building up some serious skill and getting fast and furious. Your instructor will be on hand throughout the session to offer tips, hints and guidance to improve your ride. At the end of the session youll head back to the centre for a quick debrief with your instructor - and you might even be signing up for a few more sessions! If youre looking for a fantastic experience gift for a daredevil who likes to twist his wrist on a quad or youre the daredevil and youre looking for a fantastic experience then this 2 hour intermediate North Yorkshire quad biking session will get you properly revved up!
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