Trout And Grayling Fishing Package In Scotland

  • Trout And Grayling Fishing Package In Scotland
    Trout And Grayling Fishing Package In Scotland
    This Trout and Grayling Fishing Package in Scotland is the perfect experience gift for any keen angler, but is also just a fantastic activity that you can enjoy as you relax in the beautiful Scottish countryside... This superb fishing experience is a unique chance to head up to rural Scotland to enjoy a professional guided fishing trip! Working with expert anglers, you have a brilliant chance of reeling in either some trout or grayling, depending on your location, and will have a wonderful and unforgettable time as you do so. You can use either fly-fishing and more modern lure-fishing methods, and can either fish in a scenic river or a loch. In rivers you can find an abundance of wild brown trout, which average around 1/2 lb 3/4 lb, although 4lb plus specimens are not that uncommon! You'll also have a good chance of reeling in a grayling, as this part of Scotland is home to some of the best grayling fishing rivers in Europe; 3lb plus specimens are regularly caught here! If you'd prefer to fish in a loch rather than a river you'll have an excellent chance of hooking some rainbow trout, and you can fish from the boat, bank or even float tube/belly boat. Throughout your fishing trip you'll be able to admire the spectacular beauty of the wild landscape, and may spot some fascinating wildlife too. Unlike other fishing trips, this experience will provide all fishing equipment, tackle and gear, permits, professional photography, qualified casting tuition and professional fishing guidance - so all you have to do is sit back, relax and see what you reel in! Whether you want to enjoy this exceptional Scottish fishing experience yourself or would rather treat a lucky friend, this truly is the ultimate fishing experience. Learn from the best and see how far you come...
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