400ft Tandem Bungee Jump

  • 400ft Tandem Bungee Jump
    400ft Tandem Bungee Jump
    If you are looking to experience the ultimate thrill - or you're looking for a unique experience gift for a daredevil friend - then look no further than this sensational 400ft Tandem Bungee Jump! Nothing can compare to the thrill of a bungee jump; there is a reason it appears on so many bucket lists, and the feeling of pure adrenaline as you freefall must be experienced to be believed. Whether you want to enjoy this exhilarating experience with a friend as you both push your nerves to the limit, or are hoping to surprise a loved one with an experience gift they will never forget, nothing about this incredible tandem bungee jump will disappoint. At 400ft, this is the highest bungee in the UK and as you both stand on the jumping platform you certainly won't be able to forget that! The expert staff will weigh you both twice to make sure the correct bungee cord is used, and then you'll make your way over to the crane to begin the long 400ft ascent up to the top. Any nerves you have will quickly be replaced by excitement and anticipation as you stand on the edge of the platform and admire the breathtaking views. Then it's time for the REAL fun to start as the instructors count you down... 3,2,1, BUNGEE! A bungee jump truly is the one of the most exceptional experiences you can try - and sharing it with a friend with during a tandem bungee jump is even better! An electrifying experience you'll remember forever.
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