Bridge Bungee Jump - Middlesbrough

  • Bridge Bungee Jump - Middlesbrough
    Bridge Bungee Jump - Middlesbrough
    Located at the iconic Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough, made famous from featuring in the film Billy Elliot, you'll be hurtling towards the water during this heart racing 160ft bungee jump! Built in 1911, the Transporter Bridge provides the perfect backdrop for this jaw-dropping experience. After you have arrived at the centre on the day of your experience, you will be weighed and fitted with the correct bungee ropes and harnesses. All kitted up, its time to climb the 210 steps to the top of the Bridge. You'll have the chance to admire the fabulous views from the top, before your ankle straps are attached, your harness checked and you hear the famous words 3...2...1...Bungee! and take the leap of faith. Sure to provide the adrenaline rush of a lifetime, the Bridge Bungee Jump makes for an unforgettable experience, at the UK's only Bridge Bungee Jumping venue.
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