Monster Truck Driving Experience - Sussex

  • Monster Truck Driving Experience - Sussex
    Monster Truck Driving Experience - Sussex
    Forget about going around obstacles; when you're behind the wheel of a US spec Monster Truck you just go over them! The US Spec Monster Truck, or 'Grizly' as it is more commonly known is the only one of its kind available for participation events in the UK and boasts a 7.5 litre engine. With six foot tyres and such immense power, this vehicle is not to be messed with! Once you have arrived and been welcomed to the centre your day will begin with a safety briefing covering all aspects of the massive monster trucks you'll be driving, and the surrounding terrain. Then, once briefed you'll be ready to start the day's driving by meeting all three monsters. During this terrific experience you will get to drive 'Grizly' around a purpose built course, driving over two police saloon cars in the process. But that's not all, you will also drive a Euro Spec Monster Truck - A.K.A 'Black Ice' over some tough terrain. Finally, you'll step up the speed and experience the adrenaline buz of driving a 400cc rear-wheel drive Rally Kart - this is certainly one not to be missed!The Monster Truck Driving Experience is the perfect introduction to these incredible vehicles, and gives the lucky recipient the chance to play with some real 'boys toys'!
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