Wakeboarding Lesson Northamptonshire - 1 Hour

  • Wakeboarding Lesson Northamptonshire - 1 Hour
    Wakeboarding Lesson Northamptonshire - 1 Hour
    A mix of surfing, snowboarding and water-skiing, wakeboarding is undoubtedly one of the most exciting water-sports around, yet remains a sport many of us have never had the opportunity to try. Well, now's your chance! Learn to wakeboard on calm waters perfect for beginners with this 1 hour wakeboarding lesson. With the aid of a cable to pull you along the water, and the expert tuition of an experienced instructor, you'll soon be standing up, turning and even trying a trick or two with this fantastic beginners lesson. Once you have arrived and been kitted up at the centre with your wetsuit, buoyancy aid helmet and wakeboard, you will meet your instructor for the day, who will explain the basics of wakeboarding - starting with how to balance on the water. Located on a 240m lake with smooth water, you will have the perfect conditions to give wakeboarding a go. Your first challenge will be to stand up on the wakeboard from your starting position in the water. Once you are successfully up, you will be able to practice moving about on the water, with 'heel-side' and 'toe-side' turns. You will soon find your balance, and with the help of your instructor, you are sure to see your wakeboarding skills grow throughout your experience. This beginners wakeboarding lesson makes the perfect gift for any extreme sports fan, or those looking to try an exciting new sport. On the calm waters of a lake with an instructor by your side, there aren't many better contexts to take to the water with this adrenalin filled sport!
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