Wakeboarding Party Northamptonshire - Lesson For 8

  • Wakeboarding Party Northamptonshire - Lesson For 8
    Wakeboarding Party Northamptonshire - Lesson For 8
    Any sport that combines surfing, waterskiing and snowboarding must be fun, right? Wakeboarding, an adrenalin filled watersport, does just that. During this 2 hour lesson, you will learn from an experienced instructor how to master the delicate skill of balancing on a board as you whiz along the water. And what's better than trying an exciting new sport? Doing it in the company of friends of course! The perfect experience for any birthday, team building exercise, or just for a bit of fun, this 2 hour wakeboarding lesson is sure to see you acquire new skills as you discover your inner-wakeboarder. After arriving at the centre, you will be given your equipment for the session, including a buoyancy aid, wetsuit and wakeboard. After a brief introduction with your instructor for the day, you'll be ready to make your way out onto the lake. During your lesson, you will be pulled along the water by a 'Wakestation', a tower cable which will pull you up and down the lake as you get to grips with your wakeboard. From standing, to turning, and maybe a trick or two along the way, there will be plenty to keep you busy! You and the rest of the group will be under the guidance of a professional instructor, who will give you plenty of tips to mastering the sport of wakebaording throughout your 2 hour lesson. A fun and exciting activity for any group, this 2 hour wakeboarding lesson is the perfect opportunity to have some fun out on the water while you try your hand at a new sport!
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