Northumberland Kayaking Experience 90 Mins

  • Northumberland Kayaking Experience 90 Mins
    Northumberland Kayaking Experience 90 Mins
    Kayaking is a wonderful watersport - it's challenging but not difficult to learn; it's perfect for people of all ages; and it gives you the chance to get out exploring the great outdoors from a new and unusual vantage point! This 90 minute kayaking experience on the River Derwent, County Durham is a great introduction to the sport that will teach you the skills you need to become a perfect paddler!The experience begins, of course, with an introduction and a safety briefing so that you understand a little bit more about kayaking and how to do it safely. You'll be given a life vest to wear out on the water, then it's time to grab your paddle and head for the water to get into your kayak. These little watercraft look smaller, and therefore a little less steady than their big brother, the canoe, but once you've been in one for just a few minutes you'll realise that they are designed to be both lightweight and very stable in the water. Those Inuits who designed them so many years ago really knew what they were doing! You'll head out onto the water, and learn to propel and steer the kayak with your paddle so that you glide almost effortlessly along the surface of the water. It's a very relaxing experience, and a wonderful way to get around - and once you've got the hang of it, you might find yourself wanting to go a little further with it, trying out some faster moving water - kayaking can be as low-key or high-energy as you like it! But for now, sit back, relax, and simply glide down the waters of the Derwent River in your own personal boat! This kayaking experience is a fantastic day out for the whole family, and a great gift for anyone who likes to be active or enjoys trying new water sports.
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