Indoor Skydiving Airborne

  • Indoor Skydiving Airborne
    Indoor Skydiving Airborne
    Indoor Skydiving is an amazing new craze that allows lucky jumpers to experience the feeling of perfectly simulated freefall, a feeling that can only otherwise be experienced by jumping out of a plane from 12,000 foot or more! But with Indoor Skydiving, you are a lot closer to solid ground, and merely have to step into a massive and mind-blowingly powerful wind tunnel (that was initially designed to test the aerodynamics of those high-performance F1 cars). Remember the Maltesers advertisement when people try to blow out just the right amount so that the malteser hovers in the air above their mouths? Well, you are the malteser! The wind tunnel is as close a simulation of actual skydiving as can possibly be achieved, and is - quite literally - an absolute blast! As you step into wind that is powerful enough to lift you from solid ground all the way to the top of a 20 foot tunnel, you just straighten your arms and let yourself fall forward into that wind. There will be an instructor present throughout your two Indoor Skydiving 2 minute flights, and he/she will coach and advise you with hand signals, as you bob around on a bed of air, like a cork in water.
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