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Brighton Bungee Jumping

  • Brighton Bungee Jumping
    Brighton Bungee Jumping
    Brave the bounce with a Brighton bungee jump! There's always plenty of fun to be had in Brighton, but when bungee comes to town, things get that bit more extreme... The Brighton bungee jump is located at Brighton Marina and Brighton Beach Front, giving jumpers a real treat - the views of the southern coast from your 160ft bungee platform are really gorgeous. Be careful, however, not to get overly caught up in the lovely views, as you'll want to keep your mind focused on the reason you're standing on a 160ft high platform - to jump off it!The location at Brighton Marina not only means that there is lots of free car parking for jumpers (and spectators), but also that the bungee jump can be part of a really lovely day out. The Marina has plenty of restaurants, cafs and pubs where you can go for a bite to eat, and if the sun is shining you are right beside the beach.The beach-front location will give you spectacular views over the sea and promenade...who doesn't love to be beside the seaside?!
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