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    Kayaking Lesson
    This introduction to kayaking is a fantastic and fun way to learn paddling, as you spend 2.5 hours with a BCU paddling instructor learning all the essential kayaking skills you need so that you can get out there and safely enjoy the UK's beautiful rivers, lakes, and coastlines! To kick off your kayaking lesson, you will meet with your BCU qualified kayaking instructor and the rest of your group for an introductory briefing, to discuss safety issues and kayaking techniques, and to get you fitted for and kitted with your floatation jacket. Once everyone is ready and geared up, it's time to get paddling! You'll learn simple but important techniques like getting in and out of the boat, and learn basic skills such as proper technique for paddling both forward and backwards. You will work on different paddling strokes that you can use to control the craft. Once you have spent time working on your technique, your instructor will take you on a short paddle downriver where you can really start to experience the feeling of freedom that kayaking offers!A fantasic beginners kayaking lesson, this introduction to kayaking makes a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to try something totally new and different!
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