Shared Introduction To 4x4 - Bournemouth

  • Shared Introduction To 4x4 - Bournemouth
    Shared Introduction To 4x4 - Bournemouth
    Experience the exhilarating adventure of off-road driving with the Shared Introduction to 4x4 Driving in Bournemouth, perfect for picking up those all important off-road skills and creating some fantastic memories in the Dorset countryside! This experience is designed specifically for beginners to off-road driving, making it the perfect introduction for those who love new and exciting activities.The experience begins on arrival at the driving centre, where you'll greet the instructor and meet the rest of the group. The session will start with a safety briefing and demonstration of the vehicle handling and controls, ensuring you're comfortable behind the wheel and can properly manoeuvre the Land Rover through deep water, up steep inclines and down sharp descents. Throughout the ninety minute session you'll share the driving between up to three people, getting a lengthy 25 minutes behind the wheel each. This is more than enough time to get to grips with the vehicle handling, and truly discover what these machines are made of! The instructor will be in the passenger seat throughout offering advice and useful tips, so you'll pick up the driving techniques in no time!The Shared 4x4 Driving Introduction in Bournemouth is ideal for adrenaline junkies and petrol-heads alike, and makes a fantastic experience gift for a truly unforgettable time in the great outdoors.
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