Ultimate Beatles London Tour For Two

  • Ultimate Beatles London Tour For Two
    Ultimate Beatles London Tour For Two
    Travel back in time to the Beatle phenomenon! This Ultimate Beatles London Tour for Two is the perfect gift for all of you Beatles fanatics. Meeting at Trafalgar Square, you will be right in the heart of this famous city, where the Beatles found their fame. On this memorable tour you will visit over 50 sites that were made famous by the Beatles. You will come across the historic early show locations, and the famed photo locations that were used for their worldly popular album covers. For most Beatles fans, their dream is to cross the renowned Abbey Road Crossing from the bands popular album cover for 'Abbey Road', and with this tour you get to do just that. You will visit favoured pubs and clubs by the Beatles themselves and also stopover at where the Live at the BBC recordings were made. Witness the place where Paul wrote Yesterday and get a feel for where the Beatles lived together by visiting the apartment they shared. Further along the tour you will visit Ringos flat and explore the store in which they bought their famous Beatle suits and Sgt Pepper outfits. These attractions are just a few from a long list of Beatles attractions you will see on this informative yet fun bus tour. The tours run from March to September, the perfect summers evening activity in London. Bring along a friend with a mutual love of the Beatles and youre set for an unforgettable evening.
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