Classic 1950s Fire Engine Passenger Ride - Oxford

  • Classic 1950s Fire Engine Passenger Ride - Oxford
    Classic 1950s Fire Engine Passenger Ride - Oxford
    Experience the thrill of being a fireman in the 1950s during this exciting classic fire engine ride in Bicester! The Bedford Green Goddess Fire Engine is an absolute beauty of a machine, and with a pumping capacity of 4000 l/min and a maximum speed of 65mph on road, you're guaranteed an utterly unforgettable day.On arrival at the track you'll first greet the staff and register your details, then follow the instructor out towards the mammoth vehicle for your adrenaline-fuelled passenger ride. The instructor will talk you through the various controls of the fire engine, the functions that allowed it to operate, and the difference between engines in the 50's compared to modern day vehicles. Once you're comfortable, it's time to set off! The instructor will take you round the purpose-built track with all the skill of a fully-trained fireman, showcasing the burliness of the fire engine and demonstrating how firemen in the 1950s would act in an emergency. With a 4.9 litre Bedford petrol engine doing 6 miles per gallon, you can appreciate just how times have changed! This is a vintage vehicle passenger ride like no other, and is sure to be a hit with fans of classic service vehicles and the fire department, adults and children alike! Experience the rugged nature of these huge machines in the wonderful Bicester countryside, the perfect experience gift that you'll remember for a lifetime!
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