Archery Lesson For 2 - Bedfordshire

  • Archery Lesson For 2 - Bedfordshire
    Archery Lesson For 2 - Bedfordshire
    Discover the exciting sport of Archery during this 60 minute lesson held in Bedfordshire. Youll be learning the skills used in Archery from highly experienced instructors as you take aim, fire and hit the bullseye... or try to! Your experience begins as you arrive at the Bedfordshire based archery school and are welcomed by your instructor. After a briefing on the correct archery techniques, youll learn how to hold the bow and the best stance for effective Archery practise. Then, itll be time to step up and have a go! Your instructor will be on hand throughout, guiding you to the perfect shot as you have plenty of fun practising this highly enjoyable sport. After about an hour, your lesson will come to an end and youll be amazed at just how much you have improved! This archery lesson in Bedfordshire makes an exciting experience gift for anyone who loves to get outdoors and try something new. Archery is a fantastically rewarding sport and is a great experience day for a group of friends or to take alone.
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