5 Mile Quad Biking Experience In Kent

  • 5 Mile Quad Biking Experience In Kent
    5 Mile Quad Biking Experience In Kent
    This Quad Biking Kent Experience is an hour-long rumble through the Kent countryside on a powerful Quad bike, and the perfect experience gift for anyone who likes a bit of outdoor adventure and the roar of an engine.The quad biking takes place on a purpose-built 5 mile off-road track, with plenty of challenges for new riders and some lovely long straights that will allow you to pick up a little speed. Before you get on your bike though, youll be kitted out with the proper safety equipment, given a full safety briefing, and shown how to work the bikes controls. After a few minutes, you should be ready to hop on your quad bike and take to the track! Led by an experienced instructor, youll tackle a superb woodland track that features plenty of obstacles to keep you entertained, from hills and ruts to sharp turns, twists, and some muddy patches too - so leave your good trainers at home for this one! The entire experience should take around an hour, and most of this will be spent having a blast out there on your bike. By the end of the experience, you'll be riding that quad like it's part of your own body!If youve always wanted to give Quad biking a go, or youre looking for a brilliant experience gift for someone in Kent whos a bit of a daredevil, this hour-long quad biking experience in Kent is sure to get them revved up!
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