Full Day Mens Only Cookery Course - Derbyshire

  • Full Day Mens Only Cookery Course - Derbyshire
    Full Day Mens Only Cookery Course - Derbyshire
    This full day cookery course in Derbyshire is designed for men who need a little head start in the cooking department, and who'd like to get a handle on the basics of cooking while learning to cook a few reliable, simple, but very delicious meals. Throughout the course of the day, you'll learn the most important elements of cooking; techniques and skills that you'll use in every dish you make. Knife skills are just one example of what you'll learn, so that you feel confident dicing, slicing and chopping back in your own kitchen. The dishes you cook during the day are not the most complex meals in the world, but they are classic crowd-pleasers like roast chicken, delicious pasta with chicken and bacon, Thai chicken salad, and perfectly pan-fried steaks - the sort of meals that will get you through family dinners as well as romantic dinner dates! You'll learn two basic sauces that can easily be adapted, and you'll even try your hand at baking a classic sponge cake (again, one that can be adapted with all kinds of fruits and flavours). Lunch is provided for you, and you'll be eating what you make during the day, so you can expect to leave the cookery school feeling very satisfied indeed! If you know a man who loves food but could use a few new skills and tricks in the kitchen, this full day Derbyshire cooking class for men will have them chopping, slicing, roasting, baking and frying their way to dinner party success in no time!
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