2 Hour Group Recording Studio

  • 2 Hour Group Recording Studio
    2 Hour Group Recording Studio
    This group recording studio sessions gives you and your friends the opportunity to create a number one hit that you can listen to again and again, and is totally personal to you! The track will also be remastered and fine tuned to give it a professional sound that will showcase your beautiful singing voices. Before the day, you'll have to carefully think and decide which track you would like to record especially for your event, whether it's your birthday, hen party or any other celebration. Once you've chosen from the UK wide locations, you'll arrive for the day and work with only the best of the best to record your track and make it sound heavenly. The track will be recorded how you'd like it, so be sure to speak up and make the track unique to your tastes. Everyone in the group will be able to relive the experience, as each member will receive an email with the MP3 file that you can share with all your fans! This experience is the ideal present for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the music industry, or as a totally unique way to celebrate a special occasion. This is guaranteed to be an utterly unforgettable day out, so gather your closest friends and prove you have the X Factor!
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