Learn How To Drift - Introductory Course

  • Learn How To Drift - Introductory Course
    Learn How To Drift - Introductory Course
    If you are looking for the ultimate first time experience of drifting then you have found it! For three thrilling hours, you'll be learning from highly trained and experienced instructors, making this introductory lesson the ideal track-based driving lesson for drifting beginners.Upon arrival at your chosen track - either Dartford or Birmingham - you will meet your instructor who will run through a briefing on safety as well as outlining what your session is going to entail...the aim of drifting is essentially to 'control an out-of-control car'. This introductory experience includes three different activities, followed by a high speed passenger 'hot lap' to finish of your day. The first activity includes drift initiation - balancing the car sideways and drifting in a donut. Second on the activities list are the transitions - this involves learning how to perfect the figure of 8, and seamlessly link drifting corners. Finally, you will learn the art of drifting competition; with 5 laps to complete in order to win, you will display everything you have learnt throughout the lesson and aim to end up in poll position on the podium! Finally, to finish, your instructor will show your how it's really done with a passenger hot lap - you are guaranteed to leave on an adrenaline high! The perfect birthday, Christmas, or anniversary driving experience gift for petrol-heads and adrenaline junkies...let them put their skills to the test and burn some rubber!
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