Berkshire Triple Jet Ski Experience

  • Berkshire Triple Jet Ski Experience
    Berkshire Triple Jet Ski Experience
    If you are a thrill-seeker looking for a new and exciting activity to try out, then look no further than this fantastic triple jet ski experience in Berkshire. Not for the faint-hearted, this adrenaline pumping experience is as varied as it is exhilarating, as you will be trying out not one, not two, but THREE awesome water rides - a jetbike, a jetski and a jetRIB! This fantastic experience supplies you with the open playground of a lake in Berkshire, and gives you the power to explore at your own will ...with a mere twist of a wrist you can be jetting across the water at speeds of 80 kph, either sitting down or standing up! The jetbike is surely one of the easiest ways to take to the water, as you will be sitting down and will feel very stable; the jetski is perfect for those who really want to test their stamina and balance on the open water, and the jetRIB (a cross between a normal Rigid Inflatable Boat and a jetbike) is something completely different! Skim across the water at speed and have the time of your life during this thrilling and superbly rewarding water experience.
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