Paragliding Course Derbyshire - 1 Day Intro

  • Paragliding Course Derbyshire - 1 Day Intro
    Paragliding Course Derbyshire - 1 Day Intro
    This full day paragliding lesson in Derbyshire is not only an exhilarating experience, bit it is also a solid introduction to Paragliding and will count as the first step in the journey to earning your EPC (Elementary Pilot Certificate). Once you have completed the EPC course you are deemed capable of paragliding solo under the supervision of a paragliding instructor. Paragliding is a wonderful and addictive pastime, where you learn to control a Paraglider - this is essentially a lightweight, foot-launched glider aircraft in which the pilot is harnessed. The pilot is suspended underneath a fabric wing with suspension lines, and can steer and guide his paraglider, flying for hours at a time. This 1 day introductory paragliding lesson is not just great fun, but it's also an important 1st step towards being certified for solo paragliding! During this paragliding experience your instructor will teach you some basic paragliding skills such as launch, take off and ground control. On top of all of this, you are also treated to some really stunning aerial views of the surrounding Derbyshire landscape.
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