Learn Windsurfing Brighton - Rya Level 1

  • Learn Windsurfing Brighton - Rya Level 1
    Learn Windsurfing Brighton - Rya Level 1
    This Brighton and Hove Windsurfing Course is a perfect introduction to the exhilarating sport of Windsurfing, taught in the sheltered and beginner-friendly Hove Lagoon. Windsurfing is a wonderful sport that uses the power of wind to propel yourself and your board across the water, building on turning skills and control until you are proficient enough to eventually start getting some air!This Brighton course, run over two days, will teach you the basic but very necessary skills you need to earn your RYA Level 1 windsurfing qualification. This is an ideal beginner's course, but will also be useful to those with limited experience. All you need for this one is a desire to learn and a good attitude, because this is not the easiest of the water sports to pick up. As challenging as it is, it is equally rewarding, and that feeling of mastery when you get your first few good runs is pretty warm and fuzy! The RYA Level 1 certificate shows that you are competent enough to hire equipment at RYA centres worldwide and get out there with supervision.
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