Barcombe Mills To Isfield Weir Sussex Kayaking River Trip

  • Barcombe Mills To Isfield Weir Sussex Kayaking River Trip
    Barcombe Mills To Isfield Weir Sussex Kayaking River Trip
    Kayaking is both thrilling and relaxing, so why not give it a go with this superb Barcombe Mills to Isfield Weir Sussex Kayaking River Trip? An ideal experience gift for any adventurer, this fantastic experience will certainly provide you with a day out to remember! Paddling along the beautiful River Ouse, you can enjoy this rewarding activity by yourself or with friends and family, and your stunning surroundings are just an added bonus! Starting out at Barcombe Mills, your experience will begin with a safety briefing and some instruction on kayaking technique from your friendly instructors. Then, once you're feeling confident, it's kayaking time! From this unique vantage point you may be able to spot some of the incredibly diverse wildlife that lives on the river, including kingfishers, moorhen, swan, greylag goose, and grey wagtails. With your instructors leading you, you'll kayak through the beautiful Sussex downs and will be able to pause to admire the breath-taking views that unfold all around you. After a few miles you'll reach Isfield Weir, where you'll have a chance to get out, stretch your legs and explore the area. After your break you'll head back; the route passes the Anchor Inn, a lovely pub on the river, and time-permitting you can pop in for a well-deserved pint! Kayaking is a great way to gain a new perspective on Sussex's wonderful countryside - with the added perk of enjoying a bit of a workout as you do so! So whether you've never been kayaking before and want to give it a go, are looking for an exceptional experience gift for a loved one who loves the outdoors, or just want to enjoy a day out on the water with friends, this fantastic kayaking trip ticks every box! Superb...
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