Titanic Slipway Belfast Bungee Jump

  • Titanic Slipway Belfast Bungee Jump
    Titanic Slipway Belfast Bungee Jump
    This Belfast bungee jump is one of the newest bungee locations available in the UK and Ireland, and is a fantastic location for you to take that bungee plunge. Add a little history to the hilarity, and try an incredible Belfast bungee at the Titanic Slipway! The bungee crane will be located right on the very slipways where the Titanic was built and launched over 100 years ago, and in fact the height you'll be jumping from is only a little less than the height of the Titanic itself, which measured 175ft from its keel to the top of the funnel! Your 160ft bungee jump begins when you meet the bungee crew to register before being carefully weighed by the crew so that they can assign you the right cord for your bungee jump. After this, you'll be fitted into your harness, then double-and triple-checked to ensure you are safe and sound, and ready to make the leap! When all checks are done, it's time to get in the bungee cage that will take you up the crane to your jump height - 160ft! Up here with the jumpmaster, you'll have just a minute to take everything in - the views of Belfast all around you, the noise of the crowds below, waiting for you to jump, the intense feeling of adrenaline and fear as you prepare to take the plunge - before the jumpmaster shouts three... two... one... BUNGEE', and you leap forward! You have the option to buy a personalised video, photographs or merchandise on the day to remember your experience with.
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