Guided Pike Fishing Trip In Scotland

  • Guided Pike Fishing Trip In Scotland
    Guided Pike Fishing Trip In Scotland
    If you are looking for an extra special experience gift for a friend who either loves fishing or the great outdoors, then you really cant beat this superb Guided Pike Fishing Trip in Scotland! Fishing is an activity that is both exhilarating and relaxing, and this pike fishing trip in Scotland allows you to enjoy a full day out in the Scottish countryside fishing for a pre-historic predator a pike! Scottish lochs are some of the best places in Britain to find pike, and you certainly wont be disappointed with the size of these Scottish specimens! Pike are notorious for being hard to catch; not only are they very large (20lb plus pike are fairly common) but they are fearless and fight extremely hard. Luckily your expert guides have the know-how and skill needed to land these ultimate predators and will be on hand to assist you at all times, and under such expert guidance you'll be surprised at how quickly you see an improvement. Unlike other fishing experiences, this is a professionally guided fishing trip which provides all fishing equipment, tackle and gear, permits, professional photography, qualified casting tuition and fishing guidance - so all you have to focus on is having fun and seeing what you can catch! You can fish from bank or boat, lure or fly, and will be using only the best quality pike fishing tackle from brands including Greys, Airflo and Savage Gear. Seize this chance to work with pike fishing specialists during this brilliant Guided Pike Fishing Trip in Scotland, and get to grips with the most adrenaline-pumping sport in fresh water! Utterly exhilarating...
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