Indoor Bungee Jump - Sheffield

  • Indoor Bungee Jump - Sheffield
    Indoor Bungee Jump - Sheffield
    Picture the scene: You are in semi darkness, spot lights whirl around the breathtaking structure. You start the 143 step climb to the jump zone, music pumps out of a wall of speakers, dry ice fills the air, and 7 huge video screens project images of what you are about to experience...and that's before you've even taken the 150 foot plunge! This is one of the UK's scariest adrenaline experiences, the only indoor Bungee Jump in the world and the only permanent Bungee Jumping facility in the UK.Upon arrival at the centre, you will be given a safety briefing covering all aspects of the bungee jump you will soon be completing. After being weighed and fitted with the correct bungee ropes, you will climb the 143 steps to the top of the Abyss and enter the 'jump zone'. Here, you will get into your harness, edge forward...and jump! If you're looking for a bungee jump experience with a twist, or know someone who is, the UK's only indoor bungee jump venue will provide an unforgettable day out!
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