Discover Kayaking In Warwickshire

  • Discover Kayaking In Warwickshire
    Discover Kayaking In Warwickshire
    Kayaking is one of the fastest growing water-sports in the UK, and it's not hard to see why: thrilling, affordable and versatile, the thrill you get from kayaking and powering yourself across the water can't be beaten. This is a full days introduction to the wonderful world of kayaking! Once you have arrived and been welcomed to the centre your day will begin with a safety briefing covering all aspects of the water and the kayak you will be in for the experience. Once kitted out in the safety gear, you will be ready to head on out onto the river to begin learning the basics. You will spend the day paddling on the Rivers Avon and Leam. Along the way you'll learn boat and paddle skills, so that you can control your kayak with ease. There will be the chance to paddle up close to see Warwick Castle from the river too. After youve had a length of time practicing the basics, you might get to take part in some on-water games and really test your skills! You may even get the chance to run a weir if you like a bit of excitement! Those who are interested will be offered the chance to be assessed for their BCU 1 Star award on the day.This is the perfect taster session if you're looking to try kayaking, and you are guaranteed to leave absolutely exhilarated.
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