Quad Bike Trek In Northumberland

  • Quad Bike Trek In Northumberland
    Quad Bike Trek In Northumberland
    For a muddy, mad and marvellous day out with your mates, colleagues or family, this Quad Bike experience in Slaley, Northumberland is the one! You'll spend an hour and a half at the centre, most of which will be spent on a powerful quad bike as you blast your way around the superb countryside course. Of course, before you start to drive these fast and furious machines, you'll have to know how to control them! Once your instructor has kitted you all out with the necessary safety gear - including a helmet, goggles, gloves and some protective overalls - you'll have a training session on the quads so that you know how to make them go, how to steer them, and most importantly - how to stop! Once your guide is happy that you are confident and in control, you'll head off out into the Slaley countryside on the quads for an hour of muddy, rumbling fun. There is a number of different routes that you can take, so your experience can match your ability and experience, and one thing you can be sure of is that that you'll definitely find it as fun as it is challenging. You'll be riding an awesome, brand spanking, shiny new 2014 Honda TRX 250cc. Well, it might not be so shiney once you've taken it round the mud puddles and dirt tracks of the off road course! Take on the twists, turns, hills and ditches, and find out just what these burly beasts are capable of, before heading back to the quad centre for a debrief - and a few arguments over who the best driver is! For a high-octane outdoor adventure in Northumberland, this 1.5 hour quad biking adventure is a top choice, and one of the best experience gifts you can get for someone who loves a bit of off road action!Choose between either the adult only quad bike trek (16 years+) or the family trek - for participants of all ages.
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