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    Top Water Experiences at Extreme Element

    13 July 2010

    Extreme Element

    This week Extreme Element bring you their recommended Water related experiences. With a dedicated Water Experiences Section finding your perfect experience couldn't be simpler.

    Top Water Experiences

    Kitesurfing 1 Day Course

     Kitesurfing 1 DayCourse
    Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding has exploded on to the Extreme Sports scene over the past five years; it takes the best from a range of water sports like surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and paragliding. With the introduction of modern equipment and a structured approached to learning which is developed by the International Kitesurfing Organisation (IKO) and taught by IKO and British Kite Surfing Organisation (BKSA) approved instructors, learning to Kitesurf has never been easier.

    Price £120.00

     Jet Ski Experience Triple Session

    Jet Ski ExperienceTriple Session
    Jet Skiing is the brilliant answer to the dreams of all those hard working paddlers desperate for the motorbike effect on water! With the twist of a wrist you can be jetting across the surface of the water at speeds reaching 80kmh, sitting down or standing up!

    Price £110.00

    Introduction to Wakeboarding

    Introduction toWakeboarding
    Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing extreme sports and it is easy to understand why. The immense feeling of reward gained from standing up and being pulled from the boat is fantastically satisfying, and that is before any speed is added!

    Price £45.00

     White Water Rafting Experience for 2

    White Water Rafting Experience for2
    Whitewater rafting is rightly up there as a ‘Must-Do’ sport, largely because it is undescribably brilliant! This heart pumping experience is undoubtedly one of our most popular and most social high-adrenalin sports, labelled a ‘fear factor’ for all of the right reasons. Whether you choose to raft down the wild and unpredicatble river or across the thrilling purpose-built course, you are guaranteed the ride of your life! On your hair-raising journey you are encouraged to work together as a team to bump and glide your way along the river’s.

    Price £95.00

    BCU 1 Star Kayak Course

    BCU 1 Star Kayak Course
    Kayaking is one of the most exciting, affordable and versatile watersports available. The sport covers a huge range of different disciplines such as exploring inland waterways, surfing breaking waves, negotiating white water and even acrobatics.

    Price £80.00

    Discover Jet Ski Session

    Discover Jet Ski Session
    Get yourself on board a jet ski and blast yourself across a 23 acre lake at speeds capable of 70kmh, feel the ski grip the edge of the water like a roller coaster on rails, not for the faint hearted, all training and instructions, wet suits and Buoyancy aids supplied.

    Was £44.00
    Now £38.00

    ZapCat Experience

    ZapCat Experience
    The ZapCat is a light weight, twin hulled inflatable boat with a large outboard engine that provides an absolute mountain of power! The lightweight power horse zips across the water at speeds reaching 50 mph. Incredibly, the ZapCat will get to that speed in around 3 seconds!

    Price £99.00

    Whitewater Rafting & Canyoning Day

    Whitewater Rafting & CanyoningDay
    White Water Rafting has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of many people’s ‘Must-Do’ list. The mix of fear, adrenalin and team work ethic has catapulted this great experience into the lives of many adrenalin junkies and fear-facing followers! The more you work together as a team – the more successful you’re white knuckle journey will be! Superb for team building and stag-do exercises, Whitewater Rafting is quite simply brilliant.

    Price £90.00

    Discover Surfing

    Discover Surfing
    Surfing is perhaps the purest of all the extreme sports, with an iconic status and a proud history. There is a certain romance connected with surfing stemming for many years, as the organic feel of harnessing some of the world's most beautiful and powerful natural forces endeared many to this great sport.

    Price £39.00

    Discover Windsurfing

    Discover Windsurfing
    Windsurfing is one of the most exciting, vibrant and challenging sports around today. It is fast, dynamic, fun, exhilarating and above all it's cool! Windsurfing is also one of the most cost effective ways of having fun on the water and with the introduction of modern equipment and innovative training techniques it is now easier to learn and pick up than ever.

    Price £60.00

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